TUITION and FEES 2020-2021

                                      Refer to the Parent-Teacher Handbook Admission Policy 

Tuition - yearly rate payable in either one, two, or ten installments.

Gold Plan   - $200 discount/family – payment in full received by August 31.

Silver Plan – $100 discount/family -  two payments, due by August 31 and December 31

Bronze Plan – 10 monthly payments - due August 31

  • Preschool-Grade 5   $6800/year/student

  • Grades 6-8  $7830/year/student

Returning Student Fees (total = $800/student)

  •  Non-refundable Re-Enrollment Deposit -  $250/student due by the last Friday in February

  •  Non-refundable Registration Fee - $550/student

New Student Fees (total = $800/student)

  •  Non-refundable Application and Testing fee   - $250/student - due with Application

  •  New Student Non-refundable Enrollment fee - $550/student

  •   Concert Band - $75/student

  •   Beginning Band - $50/student

  •   5th Grade Outdoor Education Program fee - $ varies, depends on fundraising, see note* below

  •   Band trip to Oahu fee - $ varies, depends on fundraising

  •   Classroom Supply Fee (grades K-8) - $50/student

  •   Activity Fee (Yearbook, Field Day & Musical T-shirts) - $75

  •   Withdrawal Processing Fees - $50/student

E-Plus After School Child Care - Dismissal - 5:30PM  Click Here for Details


Early Drop Off Child Care $35/month/student or $4/day/student


Early Dismissal Days - see Calendar

Enrollment Incentive

 We want to increase our enrollment!

We would love to see full classes here at Emmanuel!  (We do have class size limits.)

We want to give the opportunity for a Christian Education to as many children on Maui as possible because we BELIEVE that what we are doing here not only has future blessings for our students and their families, but eternal ones as well!

      Here is why a full school is important to YOU!

  • It allows us to attract and retain a high quality staff.

  • It helps provide diversity of interests, abilities, and backgrounds in our student population.

  • It provides us with the funds needed to maintain and improve our campus and facilities.  

  • It allows us the means to expand our programs and offerings.

    Here is how you can help!

  1. Tell people you know, about Emmanuel!  

  2.  Encourage them to visit our website, call for a campus tour, or to schedule an appointment to meet with our Principal to answer any questions.

  3. Ask them to list your family name under “How did you hear about our school?” on the school application found on our website.

  4. If they do enroll and are accepted, the school will give you a $500 credit good towards the following school year as long as the family completes the first year and re-registers for the following year.  

  5. You may apply that credit to your account, gift it to someone currently enrolled that may need the help, or credit it to the new family you invited.

  6. In addition, the new family will also receive a $500 credit after completing the first school year to be used when they re-enroll for the next year!


Financial Aid for School Families

There is no financial aid left for 2020/2021

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